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Chapter 1: Your Own Company

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The first chapter deals with losing love and the immediate emotional consequences.

Chapter 2: Wound

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Trying to come to a new understanding with a world that seems out-of-step.

Side Story: My love letter to you.

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A four page mini-comic published in the fan doujinshi TOFU. This has since gone out of print, and there are no plans to reprint it, so I put it up. The question -- "So who's it about?" will remain unanswered.

Quickbook: One-Man World

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A quickbook -- a comic done as fast as you can. The beginning pages were done at an hour a page, by the end I was screaming along at 30 minutes a page. Sorry about the bitter ending -- I had a funnier one planned (she's sitting in front of a School for the Deaf) but that was too positive for what I was feeling at the time.

about ahmog

A heart made of glass is a series of comics of an autobiographical nature. It is a way, perhaps through art therapy to come to an understanding of the events that have affected my life, and as a means of communication for sharing those feelings I can't describe any other way.

This was my first comic. I started it in December, 1997. The last page of Chapter 2 was done the following summer. I have no plans to continue that particular storyline but I will make a new chapter whenever I feel inspired.

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